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Who are We?

Our Coordinators

The role of the WQ HCH Coordinators is to train and support general practices and Aboriginal and Islander Community Controlled Health Services (AICCHS) through their WQ HCH transformation journey. This includes working directly with practices to identify and understand their unique service requirements, including the use of benchmarking tools to determine the areas of greatest need for development as well as support to develop their WQ HCH Progress Action Plan (PAP). The purpose of the PAP is to support practices in understanding each foundation element, its definition and purpose, and to assist practices to systematically implement change by developing and implementing action plans for each foundation element. Additional tools and resources are also provided to support practices make incremental improvements in practice processes, systems, team culture and behaviour with an aim to becoming a patient-centred WQ HCH. To find out more about the WQ HCH Team scroll down.

The WQ HCH Coordinators and Business Performance Coordinator also help practices better understand data from the Practice Performance Analysis (PPA), Maturity Matrix, WQ HCH Data Dashboard, Patient Satisfaction Survey and Team Health Check.

Support for uptake is also provided by WQ HCH Coordinators through a Menu of Services (see Support for Uptake section) designed to support each phase as the practices steadily progress along the transformation journey.  

Our Governance Working Group

The WQ HCH Governance Working Group assist WQPHN in the design and evaluation of the new model of care. Specific functions include:

  • Contribute to, inform and customise the WQ HCH model of care, program logic, performance framework and evaluation plan.
  • Review, inform, advise and validate the WQ HCH Maturity Matrix and collateral necessary to implement these.
  • Contribute to strategies to activate the use and uptake of WQPHN Service Frameworks/Handbooks and other resources to guide implementation of WQ HCH model of care.
  • Review, advise and validate the agenda, speakers and content for program workshops.
  • Inform and guide recruitment criteria and practice agreements developed for the WQ HCH trial.
  • Review the WQ HCH performance framework on the outcomes of the program quarterly and appraise quality improvement, system change or redesign ideas for the program.
  • Assist WQPHN in considering any issues/concerns/risks that are raised by participating practices during implementation of the WQ HCH model of care.
  • Assist WQPHN and make recommendations for improvements following the EAP phase.
  • Provide guidance and contribute to active strategies to harmonise support for uptake programs/resources/collateral for the WQ HCH model of care within general practice and primary care settings.
  • Support and participate in smaller groups of clinical members to review and advise on certain documents and processes in ‘out of session’ designated work activities from time to time.
WQ HCH Working Group

Membership of the WQ Health Care Home Working Group includes:

  • Professor Claire Jackson – Director, UQ/MRI and Professor in Primary Care Research
  • Sam Borg – Research Assistant, UQ-MRI
  • Dr. Michael Mbaogu – Principle and Owner, Mount Isa Medical
  • Margaret Windsor – PCI Coordinator, WQPHN | PHC Manager, CWHHS
  • Dr. David Rimmer – General Practitioner, CWHHS | Director, WQPHN
  • Jo Mahony – Nurse Practitioner, RFDS
  • Linda Patat – CE, SWHHS
  • Kerry Crumblin – CEO, CACH
  • Dr. Cameron Hoare –  GP, Flinders Medical Centre
  • Sandy Robertson – MBS Expert, Maroochydore
  • Sandra Corfield – CQRDGP, Biloela
  • Ellaine Wingate – Manager, CWAATSICH
  • Jean Benham – Vital Health Director, Roma
  • Aidan Hobbs – Business Lead – Outreach, CheckUp
  • Professor Sabina Knight – CRRH CEO, Mt Isa
  • Professor Sarah Larkins – JCU Associate Dean, Townsville
  • Stuart Gordon – CEO, WQPHN
  • Rhonda Fleming – Executive Manager – Practice Capability and Innovation, WQPHN
  • Natalie Kerrigan –Program Manager - Practice Capability and Innovation, WQPHN
  • Dr. Kylie Armstrong – WQ HCH Consultant, Healthy Futures Australia Pty Ltd |Executive Manager, WQPHN

Guests or temporary members may be invited where additional expertise or input is needed.

Meet the WQ HCH team

Natalie Kerrigan

Program Manager, Practice Capability and Innovation

Cameron Kratzing

Coordinator, Practice Capability and Coordination (NW)