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Progress Tools

What tools are being used to assess the WQ HCH transformation?

The Western Queensland Health Care Home Maturity Matrix (WQ HCH-MM) is a self-evaluation tool designed to assess the continuous improvement journey of practices participating in the WQ HCH Program. The WQ HCH-MM is completed twice a year and the three Domain scores (Ready access to Care, Proactive Preventative Care and Engaged Chronic and Complex Care) aggregated and plotted on a radar chart made available in the WQ HCH Data Dashboard.

What are the benefits of the WQ HCH-MM to practices?

The WQ HCH-MM helps practices track progress towards practice change and improvement at regular intervals enabling the team to re-imagine care delivery and how they interact with patients.

The PPA is a comprehensive report tailored to each individual practice to inform service improvements, evaluation and progress of achieving goals and improved financial performance.

How does the PPA benefit practices?

  • Informs the Business Plan required to meet the 5th Standards Accreditation (Criterion C3.1)
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement in the WQ HCH Domains
  • Provides financial intelligence to improve business sustainability
  • Enables the opportunity to review current processes and systems management
  • Creates opportunities to improve job satisfaction

The Patient Satisfaction Survey is a short 10-question survey aimed at understanding patient satisfaction with access to the service. The survey is conducted yearly over a four-week period prior. Patients complete the questionnaire using a light three-point response (good - green, okay - amber, bad - red) survey in the reception area following their appointment (target = 80 patients - 5/day). Data is aggregated into a bar graph and made available to practices in WQ HCH Data Dashboard.

How does the Patient Satisfaction Survey benefit practices?

WQ HCH practices use the information to address access issues highlighted by the feedback.  

The Team Health Check aims to identify the effectiveness of the WQ HCH team based on the Australian Primary Care Collaborative (APCC) Team Principles. The questionnaire is completed yearly and includes five sections including setting goals, engaging the team, assigning roles and responsibilities, communication, reflect and review. Scores for each section are aggregated and plotted on a radar chart and available to practices in the WQ HCH Data Dashboard.

How does the Team Health Check benefit practices?

WQ HCH practices can use the information to identify ways to improve the effectiveness of the team.