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A new way forward for health care in the bush

January 15, 2020
"Never before have people in Western Queensland had access to this type of service. One that provides continuity of care and where patient health care needs are met."

Dr Zoe Bailey
Local Charleville resident and GP at CWAATSICH Dr Zoe Bailey recently spoke to journalist Paul Stone, from Sticks and Stones to highlight the benefits of the new Western Queensland Health Care Home (WQ HCH) model of care and one thing is clear… this program places the patient at the centre of care.

The new model of care means that general practices need to reflect on their systems and processes for delivering care and re-orientate them so that priority population groups are targeted and patient’s flow effortlessly through the practice.

Dr Bailey outlined that the key to success of the program includes ‘a holistic approach to health care, where all patient needs are met in one place with great teamwork. This includes good communication between the GPs, nursing, allied health staff as well as non-clinical staff to make improvements in the quality of care we provide. This means that all services are provided in an integrated and flow-on manner with great team coordination’.

Dr Bailey highlighted that ‘while our workforce is stretched and that will always be the case, the WQ HCH will alleviate this by providing continuity of care for patients through more seamless clinical handover and better targeting health needs. This also includes using data to inform which priority population groups we need target so that we can formulate plans on how we can improve. This includes reflecting on our outcomes, what we have achieved and working out what our next group of goals can be’.

Building efficiency and sustainability are key to building a high performing general practice and efforts in this area have seen positive outcomes already for CWAATSICH with initial results from the patient experience survey highlighting that over 88% of patients gave the green light (rating of ‘good’) for satisfaction with the health and medical care received.

This strong outcome is no surprise given the commitment of CWAATSICH to continually monitor and reflect on patient needs. ‘Our goal is to ensure we have a really effective general practice where patient care is seamless and we get good health outcomes for our patients, they enjoy coming into the practice and their health care needs met’ said Dr Bailey.

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