Part of WQPHN

WQ HCH Support

Our WQ HCH Coordinators work with primary care practice teams to make meaningful changes with the goal of improving quality and outcomes of care.

To ensure WQ HCH practices are able to succeed, we:

  • Obtain registration for practices to have access to the secure WQ HCH portal.
  • Complete the on-boarding process as part of the pre-implementation phase. Part of this process is supporting practices to undertake benchmarking using the WQ HCH-MM, staff Team Health Check and Practice Performance Analysis (PPA).
  • Support practices to collect data for the Patient Satisfaction Survey.
  • Aggregate the results and then host a workshop/webinar to present the findings from the three pre-implementation assessments and patient satisfaction survey.
  • Practices use the information to determine the areas of highest need and to inform the development of the Implementation Plan.
  • We also assist the practice to use the model for improvement and Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles.
  • We discuss with practices which elements of the Menu of Services are best suited to support their needs.
  • We support WQ HCH practices to implement their initiatives and meet (virtual or face to face) at least monthly, or as nominated by the practice, to support the implementation of these initiatives.
  • We work with the practices to implement PDSA cycles and reflect and build on the learnings and if necessary, implement successive cycles of change. We review PDSAs regularly to measure the effects of the change.
  • We meet with the Practice Owners, GPs and the practice team on a quarterly basis to review and report on progress against the Implementation Plan and PDSAs and seek their feedback on new or continuing initiatives in line with the practice’s needs.
  • Practices receive regular training, coaching, and opportunities for professional networking through the engaging in the WQ HCH Community of Practice (CoP). WQPHN consistently collect feedback from WQ HCH practices to ensure they feel engaged and enabled, and are being appropriately supported.
  • We will implement any such feedback to ensure our relationship and efforts result in practices becoming successful WQ HCH practices.