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Community of Practice

Join our ‘Community of Practice’ for deep dives into the practical implementation of the Western Queensland Health Care Home new model of care

New opportunities

The Western Queensland Health Care Home (WQ HCH) Community of Practice (CoP) creates opportunities for professionals to exchange experiences on practical aspects of the implementation of the new WQ HCH model of care. Our member network will gain value from this platform for skills exchange and learning – whether it is in person, through ‘virtual’ meetings and conversations, and through technical collaborations.

This year, WQPHN is ramping up its support for regionally-based learning groups or ‘Communities of Practice’ that explore the improvement journey of practices to ensure patients receive care based on their needs. As Australia tackles the complex business of delivering on healthcare reforms for MBS and health systems integration and coordination, rural and remote primary care organisations, outreach health service providers, hospitals, NGO staff, researchers and others need to work smarter, not harder. Our CoP will build on the initial positive experiences of the WQ HCH Early Adopter Practices in supporting health professionals in the creation, mobilisation and diffusion of knowledge. Early Adopter Practice GP, Dr Zoe Bailey from Charleville and Western Areas Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Community Health (CWAATSICH) said:

“The Community of Practice will be useful going forward as it provides an opportunity to network with other GPs and practices, and to share knowledge of quality improvement initiatives. More importantly, the CoP will provide a mechanism for creating break through ideas and innovations, as well as further understanding of how to address barriers and gaps in the patient journey through the health system”.

Problem Solvers – Solutions to immediate problems

The CoP aims to work together on real-time issues, and technical and service solutions related to the improvement journey of practices in ensuring patients receive care based on their needs.

The CoP brings together groups of people who work in parallel to share knowledge and to innovate. Characterised by their shared interest, the WQ HCH CoP include a group of people passionate about improving health outcomes for people living in rural and remote regions. Committed to sharing concerns, working through problems and sharing ideas our CoP are dedicated to deepening their knowledge and expertise by interacting with peers on an ongoing basis.

Through sharing information, insight and advice our CoPs solve problems as they think through common issues, exploring ideas and acting as a sounding board for each other. This includes reviewing the WQ HCH tools, resources, pathways, approaches to care etc. Ultimately our CoP over time will develop a unique perspective on Health Care Homes together with a body of common knowledge, practices and approaches that drive improvements that lead to improved patient and provider experiences, improved population health outcomes and efficiency and sustainability in healthcare.

In the longer term, the participants in the CoP will benefit from better access to and longer-term engagement with sources of technical support.

Ambassadors for CoPs 

We want to nurture the expertise available in our communities and will actively support community members to go on to become ambassadors for the development of patient-centred, coordinated and flexible care: they will be more confident and influential spokespeople for the opportunities and benefits of the new WQ HCH model of care. As ‘change champions’ they will have a genuine interest in the transformation process and be supported as ambassadors through leadership development opportunities. Visible and sustained leadership is essential to lead culture and behaviour change as well as to improve the quality and spread of sustained change.

Flexible CoP to suit regional priorities 

As a demand-driven network, the focal areas and activities of the CoPs are defined by their members and are adaptive in nature.  Members can make the case for which topics the community should focus on next – or whether a completely new community should spring up.

The Community of Practice will conduct the following activities in 2019-2020:

  • Online training and peer learning workshops
  • Online peer-to-peer learning on the communities’ specific topics (TBC)
  • Compilation of resources, good practices, case studies and tools to advance implementation
  • Delivery of no-cost remote expert advisory support service – provided through WQPHN Support for Uptake services delivered by practice support coordinators

How can you participate?

If you are a Western Queensland Health Care Home Staff member you can participate actively by:

  • Learning from peers who are implementing WQ HCH solutions
  • Receive targeted training and advisory support services
  • Making use of tools and knowledge products shared by the Community to advance your WQ HCH work
  • Sharing your experiences, challenges and opportunities
  • Sharing resources, good approaches, news and tools with other Community members
  • Serving as a role model to other practitioners
  • Spreading the learning from the Community of Practice back to your organisation
  • Identifying the needs of your practice and requesting/receiving no-cost advisory support from WQPHN practice support coordinators
For information on Community of Practice activities, please contact Natalie Kerrigan on 07 4573 1900