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What is the Western Queensland Health Care Home?

The Western Queensland Health Care Home (WQ HCH) is a HUB for a person’s care.

The model captures an approach to healthcare delivery that is:

  • Patient-centred
  • Accessible
  • Comprehensive
  • Coordinated
  • Continuous
  • Committed to quality and safety

Our WQ HCH is at the heart of an integrated health system that wraps care around the patient. A team-based approach is used and includes the patient and general practitioner (GP). Depending on the patient needs, practice administration staff, practice nurses, care coordinator, and Aboriginal Health Workers/Practitioners will assist the GP to support planned and structured care.

The WQ HCH neighbourhood also plays a key role, as a patient may need other services outside the WQ HCH hub, such as allied health and specialist services, hospital services, community nursing, social care services, or non-government services. Planning and coordination of patient care will always remain with WQ HCH hub (see WQ HCH Model of Care Overview Fact Sheet).


Patient-centred, Coordinated and Flexible Care


Western Queensland Health Care Homes provide proactive patient-centred, coordinated and flexible care with a team of professionals working together to make sure the patient receives care based on their needs.