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Our PHN Footprint

WQPHN footprint covers a land area of 956 438km2 representing 55% of the total land area of Queensland, and covers a vast landscape where long distances are required to access services, and seasonal flooding and droughts are prevalent, making service access difficult. It serves a population of 62,000 of whom 11,000 are indigenous, and articulates with three hospital and health services. Within the catchment there are 51 Primary Health Care practices in the region of which 14 are in the Central West (12 Hospital and Health Service [HHS] led, 2 Private Practices), 21 in the North West (8 HHS led, 1 Royal Flying Doctors Service [RFDS], 6 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Community Controlled Health services [AICCHs] [all Gidgee Healing practices], 5 Private, 1 Headspace), and 16 in this South West (8 HHS led, 1 RFDS, 4 Private Practices, 3 AICCHS).

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Seven general practices including one Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Community Controlled Health Service (AICCHS) participated in the Early Adopter Program (EAP) which included a 9-month trial program where the tools and resources were tested along with an evaluation undertaken. The aim of the WQ HCH EAP was to build a sustainable model that enables practices to identify improvements that generate additional revenue and in turn capacity to fund improvement activities and care coordination functions. The Practice Performance Analysis (PPA) was central to this.

Seven practices invited to participate include:

  • Charleville and Western Areas Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Community Health (CWAATSICH) (Far South West) – AICCHO
  • St George Medical (South West) - Privately owned
  • Maranoa Medical (South West) – Privately owned
  • Black Stump Medical (Central West) – HHS practice
  • Mount Isa Medical (North West) – Privately owned
  • Flinders Medical (North West) – Privately owned
  • Royal Flying Doctors Service Charleville (South West) – Non-Government fly-in, fly-out service

The trial EAP Program finished mid 2019 and improvements were made based on feedback and outcomes from the evaluation. From July 2019 the WQ HCH commenced a staged roll-out to other practices based on diversity of practice, location and change readiness. A capacity building program was implemented using the Primary Care Practice Improvement Tool (PC-PIT) designed by the University of Queensland for practices who required additional readiness support prior to commencing the WQ HCH program.

The following Practices have joined the program from September 2019:

  • Julia Creek Medical Centre (North West) - Privately owned
  • Leichhardt Medical Centre (North West) - Privately owned
  • Cunnamulla Aboriginal Corporation for Health (CACH) (Far South West) - ACCHS