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What are the Benefits for Patients?

WQ HCH provides proactive patient-centred, coordinated and flexible care with a team of professionals working together to make sure the patient receives care based on their needs.

With the support of your care team, you will have a personalised care plan which is tailored to your individual needs and preferences

Your care team will do more to coordinate your care both inside and outside the WQ HCH. This includes better linkages with hospitals, allied health, specialists and other community care providers making it a more seamless experience

A patient-nominated clinician (usually your GP or remote nurse) leads the care team to develop a formalised, tailored care plan, which is shared with all team members, including yourself and family / carers.

With the support of your care team, you can access a member of the care team during the day for support, remotely by phone, by email or even by Video Call. You don’t always need to make an appointment to get information about your condition. This means your WQ HCH will be more response and flexible in supporting your care journey.

Our WQ HCH is unique in that it also provides support for prevention activities, rather than a reactive approach which focuses solely on treating unwell patients.

Your WQ HCH practice also has access to a wide range of healthcare information through GoShare HealthCare (see fact sheet) including helpful information such as videos of patients sharing their stories, useful apps and health resources, delivered straight to your inbox or smart phone. Your practice can also print it information out if you prefer.