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Core Support for Uptake Strategies

The WQ HCH model holds promise as a way to improve health care in Australia by transforming how primary care is organised and delivered. Building a sustainable primary care delivery platform requires significant organisational and workforce development and fundamental payment reform (awaiting outcomes of the national trial to inform this).

WQPHN six core support for uptake strategies

  • Education and training to support change management, organisational and cultural change
  • Regular use of patient feedback systems allows the practice to adjust and make improvements
  • The practice and clinicians are supported to test ideas to make the service better
  • There is a culture of quality improvement
  • The clinicians have all the information they need from other care providers, when they need it
  • Clinicians have easy, rapid access to specialist advice as they need it, reducing the number of referrals needed
  • Improved care co-ordination and outcomes for patients
  • Patients are more confident in their care team as they experience the team working well together including the complementary roles of the multidisciplinary team
  • Better trained and supported patient self-care
  • The IT systems support more discussions and collaboration between clinicians for complex cases
  • Practices are supported to implement WQPHN Service Frameworks e.g. Child and Family Health, Diabetes Service Framework
  • Training tools, resources and support
  • Increased practice performance (financial and patient outcomes)
  • Maturity Matrix tool allows practices to assess their WQ HCH readiness and continuous improvement journey including connectivity with the wider WQ HCH neighbourhood
  • Opportunities for workforce capacity building
  • Staff members in the practice are clear about their role in patient care, what they should focus on, and what part others will cover
  • Patients are supported by care coordinator type roles (new role or changes to existing roles) who help the different services work more efficiently together
  • Staff in the practice are encouraged to build their skills and knowledge leading to more interesting, challenging and valuable work

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