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WQ HCH Neighbourhood

The WQ HCH acts as a gateway to more specialised part of the health system

The WQ HCH ‘neighbourhood’ is the wider health system that the WQ HCH operates within and integrates with. As a WQ HCH practice, a key role is to facilitate improved coordination and communication between the practice team and external supports to assist patients navigate the care system. This also means that patients and their family/carer’s form a partnership with the practice, where other services ‘wrap around’ this partnership as required. Ultimately, creating a team of people to support and coordinate care for a patient is at the heart of the WQ HCH model.

Through integrated and high-performing care teams, tasks are able to be distributed, ensuring team members are working at the top of their scope of practice and using their skills and expertise. The wider neighbourhood team members such as allied health professionals also play a pivotal role in the WQ HCH as workforce shortages and long distances to access care mean that the practice acts as a ‘virtual hub’ with external team members, linked to the practice via excellent communication, common goals and strong relationships.

A central element of the WQ HCH model is a personalised health assessment or care plan that can be accessed by nominated health professionals within the care team. The WQ HCH has a key role in coordinating care, and in maintaining a source of accurate, consistent and complete clinical information about each person. This includes all team members understanding the complete set of goals in the care plan for each patient, and knowing their own role in helping to achieve these goals.

Darcie-Lee Ross (CWAATSICH), Helen Jackson (Diabetes Queensland), Sarah Quihampton (WQPHN)