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Change Makers Connecting Care

The WQ HCH provides a more integrated multidisciplinary team-based model that connects individuals with the broader health and social care system. The model places an emphasis on supporting general practice to operate at scale, with efficiency and greater capacity with the patient at the centre of care.

Our Change Makers are the Western Queensland workforce delivering care to every day citizens. They are the people making a difference to the lives of people who live and work in the region and committed to delivering on the vision for the WQ HCH.

The workforce is part of a network of primary care practices working together on real-time issues to generate ideas and improvements to help discover a range of solutions to ensure patients receive the most appropriate care based on their needs.

Our network brings together groups of people who work in parallel to share knowledge and to innovate. This is a group of people who are passionate about improving health outcomes for people living in rural and remote parts of Western Queensland. They are problem solvers who work together to meet the quadruple aims of the program to: drive improvements that lead to improved patient and provider experiences, improved population health outcomes and efficiency and sustainability in healthcare.

Clockwise from top: WQ HCH Workshop in Mount Isa, Maranoa Medical Centre, St George and Mount Isa workshop in action