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Menu of Service Offerings

The Service Offerings allow practices to become effective Western Queensland Health Care Home practices of the future.  

We have developed a detailed Menu of Service Offerings that is based on the 10 foundations (download PDF here). This includes objectives and service menu which aims to build the capacity and capability of practice teams. The offerings are customised for each practice informed by the benchmarking activity in the on-boarding pre-implementation phase. These offerings include WQPHN practice support, training programs, workforce development, procured and commissioned services, and tools and techniques.

To ensure appropriate service offerings, we:

1. Ensure offerings are relevant and impactful by co-developing and designing with the involved practices

We are using individual practice sessions and Communities of Practice to ensure the Menu of Services are relevant and useful.

2. Leverage relationships with other PHNs nationally to learn successful initiatives

We will utilise established relationships to obtain and share practice ready resources and other tools.