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Principles of Patient Centred WQ HCH

The principles of a Health Care Home are built upon the Patient-Centred Medical Home (PCMH) model developed in the USA in response to the very same challenges we are facing in Australia today.

These principles are universal; they also reflect longstanding principles of quality general practice by colleges in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and elsewhere.

Many of these elements exist in our health system today and WQPHN’s role has been to comprehensively strengthen these principles and foundation elements in close partnership with general practice, Aboriginal and Islander Community Controlled Health Services (AICCHS), primary care and the broader health system.

Five core attributes of the PCMH that the WQ HCH have adopted as defined by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality are:

Source: Patient Centred Primary Care Collaborative (2015) cited in Western Sydney PHN, Transforming Primary Care Part 1

While most primary care practices strive to incorporate all of the principles/attributes, the WQ HCH is not a “one size fits all” framework. Each practice will implement the attributes based on their own unique characteristics, such as: the size of the practice; the location (i.e. regional versus remote setting); the composition (solo/small practice, mid-size practice, nurse-led remote practice etc.); the patient population it serves (health status, other social & economic characteristics) etc.