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Efficiency and Sustainability

The overall strategy and purpose of the WQ HCH model of care is the transition to value-based healthcare that improves the comprehensiveness and sustainability of WQ HCH practices, and also directly contributes to a better experience for the patient and providers.

Practice Performance Analysis

In order to achieve these outcomes, developing a sustainable model is imperative. WQPHN have developed an analysis tool called the Practice Performance Analysis (PPA) which is a comprehensive report tailored to each individual practice to inform service improvements, evaluation and progress of achieving goals and improved financial performance.

How does the PPA benefit practices?

  • Informs the Business Plan required to meet the 5th Standards Accreditation (Criterion C3.1) and the WQ HCH Program
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement in the WQ HCH Domains and Foundations
  • Provides financial intelligence to improve business sustainability
  • Enables the opportunity to review current processes and systems management
  • Creates opportunities to improve job satisfaction

The PPA focuses on preventative care, planned and structured care and business sustainability. It is a modelling and benchmarking tool that provides financial intelligence and information that:

MBS Item usage and potential income is highlighted based on practice capacity. Once the PPA is completed, an appointment is made with the Practice Principal/Director and Practice Manager if applicable, to feedback the information and to identify areas where support can be provided to strengthen development, growth and efficiencies. WQPHN practice coordinators then discuss with Senior Management of the practice, priorities relating to improved financial return within practice capacity. This process is completed through additional drilled-down analysis and is then monitored on a monthly basis, with quarterly reports showcasing improvements. In addition to the original PPA, comparative reports are produced based on data provided from previous quarters. Information from the PPA can then be used to inform activities within the WQ HCH Progress Action Plan and the Accreditation 5th Standards, Criterion 3.1.