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Our Program Logic

The WQ HCH program logic design includes two logic models including the foundation pillars and the implementation phase. The aim was for the logic models to support good program design and evaluation along with helping to develop an understanding of what is expected and what must happen to achieve that.

The program logic outcomes measures highlight the importance of the quadruple aims of the model centred on improved health outcomes and practice population health, improved patient and provider experience and improved efficiency and sustainability. Given the focus on the new National PHN Performance Framework outcomes, the program logic also reflects the outcome themes in this Framework.

In developing the logic model, the elements that differentiate the model from what should just be considered good primary care are described in the activities and outputs to highlight how this will be achieved in the model. Key activities described in the logic model are collected under the ten WQ HCH foundation pillars. The logic model describes the inputs, activities through to outputs and ultimately outcomes. Outcomes are grouped under the Quadruple Aim categories of:

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